Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Retro Game Challenge "Off to a Strong Start"

Sequel to be announced as US-bound?

I got some great news in my inbox today. In response to a message I'd written to XSEED Games, I've received confirmation that "[Retro Game Challenge] is off to a strong start." The best part? Ken at XSEED also stated, "We'll definitely do what we can to obtain rights to the sequel."

And trust me, you want the sequel. No, just listen to me: You do.

Keep in mind they've made no official announcements that I'm aware of, but I think we can look forward to one in the future. For those of us who've been supporting
Retro Game Challenge 502%, this is certainly a happy time. The follow-up, out soon in Japan, looks absolutely fantastic.

Will you import or wait for the English?

Speaking from my own personal research, which, admittedly, is not all-encompassing, it does seem as though Retro Game Challenge has actually sold more briskly than anticipated, no doubt due to steadfast championing from faithful journos and generally favorable reviews (the lower scores are, clearly, from the minds of madmen). Many stores have it on backorder, or did, and even Amazon.com sold through its initial shipment (with more now in stock).

RGC's Guadia Quest? RPG of the year.

I'm sure as soon as any official announcements are made, the internet will be abuzz. Until then, let's keep our fingers crossed (and if you haven't bought the game yet, for God's sake, buy it!). I think we'll be seeing more from Arino and the wonderful world of fake retro games soon.

Even better fake retro games in the sequel--to say I'm hyped is an understatement.

Also, keep a look out for my review, to be posted here soon. (Preview: I like it. A whole damn lot.)

Don't know what the hell any of this is about? Let Ray Barnholt fill you in. He gets paid for this stuff.

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